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Complete Guide To GreenHAAS Multi FX Audio Plugin

GreenHAAS creates vibe and encourages you to play around with the cute GUI. In this article, you will find out all about your new favorite vibe/feel/saturation/saturation box. We’re going to shine some sunlight on your questions and help you find out how GreenHAAS can help you make your music blossom in the brightest colors.

First Of All: What Is GreenHAAS?

GreenHAAS is a unique audio plugin combining multiple effect engines into one beautiful box. The combination of the single effects, and how they interact, is what makes this plugin so unique. It helps you get results for which you would otherwise need multiple inserts and send FX. And it helps you to get results fast!

The very idea of GreenHAAS makes it work in all kinds of genres. Whether you’re making Hip-Hop, Pop, R’nB, K-pop, Rock, EDM or any other genre that can benefit from having unique sounds, this plugin will serve you well. Let’s take a look at the different components and give you an in-depth understanding of what GreenHAAS can do for you – or to you…

The philosophy behind GreenHAAS

One common development in today’s music production process is that producers (especially inexperienced ones) tend to make decisions based on technical parameters and numbers instead of based on feel and emotion. GreenHAAS radically interrupts this process by simply omitting the numerical values altogether. This way, users judge their results on actual sound, emotion and feel – which in the end is what makes your music unique and emotionally captivating. Here’s what GreenHAAS-inventor Ken Lewis has to say on this topic:

Anyone who watches Mixing Night knows when I'm in creative mode, I turn my tech brain off. So, no parameters on GreenHAAS on purpose. With our gamified interface, users are encouraged to click around, move things, have fun, and see what happens.

The Left Side: Saturation For Warmth And Grit

The left part of the plugin is the saturation side. It’s designed to give your boring sounds more color, different flavors, and make them sound more interesting overall. You can use and combine all the different settings to your liking so the sound always fits to your source, or you can switch off the saturation side altogether. And the best thing is that you don’t have to do it all alone. The more you make the sun shine the better your monster plant grows.

Heat Slider

Heat Slider GreenHAASHigh Cutter GreenHAAS Plugin

Turning up the Heat means that a louder signal is entering the circuit, triggering the saturation more strongly and therefore resulting in more severe saturation/distortion results. Basically, this is your “Input” slider. You can gradually increase or decrease the strength of your signal going into GreenHAAS so you can easily taylor the distortion character to your music’s needs.


The Sundial is one of the main knobs on GreenHAAS. You can choose between 5 different settings, depending on how much sun you want to expose your sound to. The monster plant will help remind you to use a good sun blocker on higher settings.

Use the Sundial to select how much of your input signal will be affected by the saturation engine. The higher the Sundial, the more of your signal gets saturated. Generally speaking, the higher the setting, the stronger the saturation effect and character.

GreenHAAS Multi FX Audio Plugin Sundial GIF

Lo-Cutter and Hi-Cutter

You might think it’s pretty obvious what these sliders do, but don’t be too quick! The Lo-Cutter and Hi-Cutter on the saturation engine affect only the distorted signal! Depending on the other settings you’ve chosen, they won’t act as simple overall high- or low-cut sliders.

Hi Cut Lo Cut GreenHAASHigh Cutter GreenHAAS Plugin

Use these cutters to taylor the saturated part of your combined signal. For example, you can set them to filter out everything but the low mids. Consequently, the saturator will only affect the low mid ar