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Mixing Made Easy.

LOLCOMP is comprised of 5 carefully curated, customized chains that do so much more than just compression. PLUS a tone shaping LMAO section is included to lock in even better top-level sonic results fast and in a playful, intuitive way.

Designed by Mixing Night co-founders, Ken Lewis (114 Gold Records), and Dom Rivinius (Taylor Swift, Eminem), LOLCOMP offers 100 custom presets from their mix sessions straight to your DAW.  Scroll through them to hear the unexpected power & versatility of this compression and tone shaping box.


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Try LOLCOMP for free!

Use the full force of LOLCOMP for 14 days. We’re convinced you’ll replace many of your go-to compressors during that period! Download the demo installer, and start playing right away!


LOLCOMP Smiley Coin

With the LOL Chain, you’ll dial in your vocals in no time. Don’t believe it? Try it! You’ll laugh at how fast and easy it is to achieve professional vocal mixing.

Smiley Chain LOLCOMP GUI Compressor multi fx plugin vst
Panda Chain LOLCOMP GUI Compressor multi fx plugin vst
LOLCOMP Panda Coin


Our Panda Chain is the perfect partner for everything low and bass-heavy. Let Panda roll your weak 808’s and low instruments into a dojo shaking foundation for your mix. 


LOLCOMP Kangaroo Coin

Kangaroo Chain is your choice for making anything punchier. Want more attack and sustain on your pluck synths? Kangaroo! Want more aggression in your rap vocals? Kangaroo! More impact on your snare? Kang…well, you get it.

Kangaroo Chain LOLCOMP GUI Compressor multi fx plugin vst
Peacock Chain LOLCOMP GUI Compressor multi fx plugin vst
LOLCOMP Peacock Coin


The Peacock Chain’s gentle essence works as a natural beautifier. Spread Peacock’s plumage and color your sound proudly. Let this bird run wild on your mix and hear what happens…


LOLCOMP Dragon Coin

This fire breather starts with smoke, but push it and the Dragon will unleash sonic destruction on your audio gems. From mild saturation to raging distortion, Dragon Chain delivers vibe!

Dragon Chain LOLCOMP GUI Compressor multi fx plugin vst


LOLCOMP Mixing Night Audio Compression plugin Compressor vst audio

What’s even better than LOLCOMP? Well, the PARALOL of course! Open the LMAO section to Levitate, Mash, Awaken, and Oxidate your sound, before or after your chosen LOL Chain. So easy to use a child could dial it in, so powerful it’ll make the pros laugh

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4.5 / 5
Audio Plugin Guy
4.8 / 5

Some words about LOLCOMP from cool people...

Bob Horn Testimonial

Bob Horn

Grammy Winning Mix Engineer (BTS, Usher, Michael Jackson)

Bob Horn
| Grammy Award Winning Mix Engineer (BTS, Usher, Michael Jackson)

I was pretty much done with a mix when I installed GreenHAAS, but I still got 4 instances of it on the mix!!! It has become one of my go-to plugins every day!

Eric J Testimonial

Eric J

Grammy Award Winning Mixer & Producer (Dua Lipa, Flume, Demi Lovato)

Eric J
| Grammy Award Winning Mixer & Producer (Dua Lipa, Flume, Demi Lovato)

I just put GreenHAAS on a synth and it’s like instant magic. All the things I would have done to it with three plugins and FX sends are happening all at once. That’s a pretty great result within 30 seconds of activation!!

Paul Trust Mix Engineer

Paul Trust

Mix Engineer (Morgan Wallen, Starset, Superbowl)

Paul Trust
| Mix Engineer (Morgan Wallen, Starset, Superbowl)

I used to have an AMS Delay that was my go to for vocal spreading. I’ve never loved any of the plugins doing stereo micro pitch, but this GreenHAAS gets an incredibly wide picture with smooth mids, good job!!!

System Requirements

macOS 10.12 or higher
Windows 10 or higher

CPU: Intel 64-bit or Apple Silicon
Display Resolution: 1440x900px or higher

Plugin Formats: AAX Native, AAX AudioSuite, AU, VST3

v1.0.1 (August 18th 2023)
– This update fixes a bug where a copied plugin instance may not react to parameter changes 

v1.0.0 (August 14th 2023)
– Initial Plugin Release

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