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LOLCOMP GUI Mixing Night Audio Multi chain Compressor Plugin multi FX



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LOLCOMP GUI Mixing Night Audio Multi chain Compressor Plugin multi FX

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Mixing Night with Ken Lewis Logo Music Production and Mixing Training
Mixing Night with Ken Lewis Logo Music Production and Mixing Training

If you’re looking for a place to hang, geek out and find like-minded people to collaborate or just chat with, this is the place for you!

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Check out the Mixing Night YouTube channel with countless short tutorials and find answers to questions you never knew you had!

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The Ultimate Stereo Engine Creative Tool Weed Control Inspiration Engine Vibe Machine Creativity Cultivator

Mixing Night Audio Plugin GreenHAAS Distortion Stereo Engine

This plugin is all about vibes. If your sound is bland, then add some fertilizer, turn up the sun, pour some water on it and let GreenHAAS grow your sound to monstrous proportions!!

Ken Lewis, inventor of GreenHAAS, says, “Sure, it’s the best stereoizing saturator available, but the unique GUI really invites you to play. Every plant and radiation source has a different character! This is the ultimate vibe box, and my presets are bananasville.”


$49  $39

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I have the weirdest resume in the music industry and 114 gold records to back it up. Find out why I am called upon by artists like BTS, Kanye West, Future, Bruno Mars, and Khalil Fong, for my many different skill sets. I promise you there’s a song on my credit list that’s touched your life.

Through Mixing Night I want to help the next generation of creatives make the best possible music by sharing my experience, tools and strategies. I’m not holding anything back. You see and hear the exact techniques I’ve been using on countless hit records for the past 30 years.

Ken's achievements in Numbers


Grammy Winners


Grammy Nominations


Platinum & Gold


Billboard #1's

Ken Lewis Mixing Night Engineer

Ken's achievements in Numbers


Grammy Winners


Grammy Nominations


Platinum & Gold


Billboard #1's

What Happens On The Mixing Night Live Shows

Sprint Mixes

Watch Ken mix a full song, faders down to finished, in 10 minutes. Discover the best method for improving your mixing skills.

Production & Mix Breakdowns

Learn from Ken as he walks you through high level sessions, revealing his techniques and explaining his decisions.

Beat Challenges

Compete against your peers with a royalty-free beat starter served up by Ken. Enter to win bragging rights and some great prizes too.

Ear Training

Challenge yourself and your friends with Ken’s real world ear training scenarios. Put your ears to the test and improve your studio skills.

Live Q&A

Ask Ken anything. Pre-submit your questions or ask live on the chat. Here’s your chance to get answers from an industry pro.

Audio Community

Engage with our global Mixing Night community on YouTube & Discord. Exchange knowledge, collaborate, and make friends.

Voices from the Mixing Night community

"This is the best mixing tutorial channel!”
Kekix Tabasco
Mix Engineer
"So many great techniques and information thank you."
Music Producer
"So Good! Thank you Ken. I have two pages of notes that I will be going over for the next two weeks. Looking forward to your next show.”
William C.
Mix Engineer
"The anticipation for these weds live shows are reaching game of thrones levels for me."
Damien Owens
Mix Engineer
"The sense of community here is truly wonderful and that combined with all the knowledge and insights on the channel makes for the best YouTube experience I've had in forever!"
Music Producer
"Very few professional mix engineers can teach in a way that is easily understood by beginners. Ken is one of the best of those few."
Marty Marl
Mix Engineer
"Thank you so much!! You would NOT believe the way my mixing has improved since I began watching you. You're the best. Thanks to you and your crew for doing this.”
Jon Magnificent
Mix Engineer
"Wow! I just found this! Absolutely awesome! Gonna definitely catch the next live stream!"
Emma Hearne
Music Producer


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