Mixing Night Audio Plugin GreenHAAS Distortion Stereo Engine


The Most Creative Stereo Engine

This gamified stereo engine spreads and saturates boring sonics into signature blooms. Explore the GreenHAAS creative palette and find your favorite gardening tools to grow your sound.

GreenHAAS eliminates the clutter, makes room in the center of your mix, and allows you to distort any element of your song as gently or aggressively as you want. Play around with knobs and faders to create a unique vibe while letting your ears guide the way!


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Try GreenHAAS for free!

Cultivate your own fully functioning GreenHAAS for 14 days. Ken is confident you’ll want to plant permanent roots! Download the demo installer, no activation needed!!


Saturate your sounds with sunshine. Turn up the sundial and help our monster plant grow all of its teeth and eye, while your sounds get warm and fuzzy.

GreenHAAS Sun Dial
GreenHAAS Distortion Types

Hulk Smash!!!

Radiate your sound with Infrared and Ultraviolet saturation, but be careful with the Gamma rays, don’t make them angry! You wouldn’t like them when they’re angry.

Spread Out

Fill the watering can to spread the sound wider. Set your timers and expand your sound in creative ways you have yet to imagine.

GreenHAAS Delay Knobs
GreenHAAS Modulation Flowers

Pick Your Bouquet

Choose from a chorus of six flowers, that will flange, warp and beautify your sound.

Heat, Fertilize and Trim

Customize your GreenHAAS further for an even more unique experience. Turn up the heat for more distortion, slice the cutters to narrow your sound and add fertilizer to extend its length.

GreenHAAS Faders

Audio Examples

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