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Complete Guide to LOLCOMP – Compression and Tone Shaping Plugin

LOLCOMP is a compression and tone-shaping powerhouse. The unique combination of 5 ready-made compression modes (which really are complete channel strips), controlled by a single dial, and the sonic shaping capabilities of the PARALOL section gives you results that no other plugin on the market can give you. Whether you are a total beginner or seasoned professional, LOLCOMP with will amaze you!

First Of All: What Is LOLCOMP?

LOLCOMP is a unique audio plugin combining 5 compression modes with multiple effect engines into one beautiful box. The compression modes have been designed by mix engineer legend Ken Lewis, who took 5 of his most-used chains from his daily workflow, and put them into this plugin. That means, at the turn of a dial, you have 5 complete working chains that have been used on many hit records over the years, in one form or another.

Those 5 chains are then supercharged by a section of additional tone-shaping modules to further tailor your sound. The unique arrangement of all these components into one plugin gives you results that you wouldn’t get from any other plugin. Recreating these effects would require many plugins both as inserts and sends, and then manually dialing all of them in so they work together.

LOLCOMP does all that for you so that you get great-sounding results quickly, and in the easiest way possible.

The philosophy behind LOLCOMP

Like any other Mixing Night Audio plugin, LOLCOMP follows the vision of “no parameters”. Once you stop using your eyes to make mix decisions and start to use your ears, your music will start sounding better almost instantly. But you can’t do that with most plugins that look like normal gear, because your brain can’t ignore those numbers on the interface. LOLCOMP helps you achieve this effect, and it’s built in a way that you almost can’t make any drastically wrong decisions. You can fully focus on your musical taste and get quick results that help you stay in the creative zone and make better sounding music.