Mixing Night Audio CEO Ken Lewis at Pensado's Place 02 July 2021

Watch: Ken Lewis at Pensado’s Place, 02 July 2021

Watch Mixing Night Audio CEO and music industry veteran Ken Lewis have a chat with Dave Pensado at Pensado’s Place!

Dave and Ken touch on various topics regarding the current music industry as well as new development and the future direction that the industry as a whole might be taking. Here are some of the topics covered on the episode:

  • Dolby Atmos mixing
  • Arturia FX Collection 2
  • Staying relevant in the music industry and constantly reinventing yourself
  • Working with BTS and K-pop artists in general as a mixer
  • Working with Kanye West
  • Why and how to use a limiter on vocals
  • The most annoying frequencies and how to fix them
  • Mastering your own mixes
  • Organizing your mix session
  • Pensado’s Place – Batter’s Box
  • Strings and choirs in modern music
  • Feel, emotion and technology

Watch the full episode

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